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Our company works very closely with the Badger Air-Brush Co. in the USA.
It is our goal to provide efficient access to all Badger products, including all spare parts.

All prices on this website are recommended retail prices. Actual end-user prices may vary, depending on your dealer.
Prices for importers/wholesalers/dealers are only available upon verified registration on this website.

Our primary markets are:
a) Hobby/Model Building
b) Graphic Arts
c) Industry/Workshops/Garages
d) Beauty (Fingernails/Cosmetics/Make-Up)
e) Theater/Film/Carnival/Festivals

Our customers are retailers, wholesalers, and importers in all of Europe (see below).
Germany:          Wholesalers, retailers (consumers - spare parts only)
Rest of Europe:   Assistance to all Importers of Badger products

If you are in a European country that is covered by an official Badger importer/distributor, we will not accept your order but instead refer you to that importer/distributor. Agreements with the Badger Air-Brush Company (and fairness) do not permit us to sell to you, if an official Badger source is available in your country. If there is no official Badger importer in your country we will be happy to provide you with products. For any other European country we will only accept orders from the official Badger distributor/importer to assist them in servicing their markets.

Currently the only European countries without an official Badger importer and from which we will accept orders are:
Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Sweden,  Austria, Liechtenstein, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, all former Soviet Union States, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Macedonia, all former Yugoslavian States, Egypt, Tunisia.

We offer consumers basic product information, technical assistance, and the ability to order spare parts.
As a consumer we would like to ask that you obtain complete airbrushes through your local retailers since in most cases explanations are necessary in order to select or recommend the correct product for your needs. This is very hard to do through a website or email.

If you are a commercial customer please get in touch with us or register on this website so we can switch on the commercial access to this website for you.

In case you need basic information about airbrushes or our company please use the links within the menu (left side).

In case you are looking for a particular spare part you, might want to make use of the spare parts listings (left menu) for identification and use the search box (top right) to enter the part number or part name.

In case you discover mistakes or other undesirable details in this website please let us know. We will make immediate corrections.

Thanks for your visit and enjoy the site.


Rafael Wunsch

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BA-50-0401 - Needle, Fine

01. BA-50-0401 - Needle, Fine

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BA-50-055 - PTFE Head Washer

02. BA-50-055 - PTFE Head Washer

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BA-50-0161 - Head Assembly Complete, Fine

03. BA-50-0161 - Head Assembly Complete, Fine

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BA-41-007 - Needle, Medium f. Model 175

04. BA-41-007 - Needle, Medium f. Model 175

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BA-50-0381 - Tip & Head, Fine

05. BA-50-0381 - Tip & Head, Fine

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